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Welcome to Tokimeki Tonight Library, the internet's biggest English-language fansite about Tokimeki Tonight, one of the top-selling shōjo manga in history! We have a ton of information on the manga, the accompanying anime, various sequels and much more, as well as many exclusive images you won't find elsewhere. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Latest updates

08-10-2017: I picked up some Ranze arc color pages, which is the absolute last thing I'll pick up this year! But you can enjoy the very pretty art in color pages. What I added today is about 1/3 of it, the rest will come later.

13-08-2017: Added four new furoku to Narumi furoku. And now, I really need to hold back on my collecting... if you see me posting more furoku before the end of the year, slap me!

I also added a lovely Aira furoku which hotwaterandmilk on tumblr was as kind as to scan for me. Thank you!