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Welcome to Tokimeki Tonight Library, the internet's biggest fansite about Tokimeki Tonight, one of the top best selling shōjo manga in history! We have a ton of information on the manga, the accompanying anime, various sequels and much more, as well as many exclusive images you won't find elsewhere. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Latest updates

04-11-2018: My friend hotwaterandmilk is in the process of creating a comprehensive site about the anime and manga Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach, and it already contains a lot of information and great images with more to come. I also added a link button at the bottom of this page, so please go check it out!

20-10-2019: I was finally able to purchase the Ribon no furoku book that came out last July, and I added a bit more information about the book as well as photos of the Tokimeki furoku that came with it to the merchandise page.

My friend hotwaterandmilk was also as kind as to send me a scan of a Oshiete Nanoka postcard, so that has been added to the other furoku page.