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Welcome to Tokimeki Tonight Library, the internet's biggest English-language fansite about Tokimeki Tonight, one of the top-selling shōjo manga in history! We have a ton of information on the manga, the accompanying anime, various sequels and much more, as well as many exclusive images you won't find elsewhere. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Latest updates

19-04-2018: Another book about Ribon furoku will be published in July, and it'll include both a paper crafts Tokimeki furoku and an essay comic by Ikeno about furoku. It's a must-have item for me, and I'll update with details once it's out!

01-04-2018: No one saw this coming, but I uploaded the rest of the Ranze arc color pages. I've had enough scanning and editing for now, so I'll go on a break — enjoy!