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Welcome to Tokimeki Tonight Library, the internet's biggest English-language fansite about Tokimeki Tonight, one of the top-selling shōjo manga in history! We have a ton of information on the manga, the accompanying anime, various sequels and much more, as well as many exclusive images you won't find elsewhere. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Latest updates

20-06-2017: There was a short interview with Ikeno on last year that I completely missed, but I added a link to interviews. The July issue of Baila magazine came with a Tokimeki furoku, and you can see some images in merchandise.

06-06-2017: Added two new Ranze furoku. That's it for this time. :)

03-06-2017: Added 22 new Narumi arc color pages and some Ribon ads and such.

02-06-2017: Added one new each of Ranze furoku and Aira furoku, and added some new photos to merchandise. I received a few more furoku as well as some Narumi arc color pages, so check back for more!