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Welcome to Tokimeki Tonight Library, the internet's biggest English-language fansite about Tokimeki Tonight, one of the top-selling shōjo manga in history! We have a ton of information on the manga, the accompanying anime, various sequels and much more, as well as many exclusive images you won't find elsewhere. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Latest updates

03-02-2018: Added a few new Ririka SOS and Oshiete Nanoka furoku to other furoku thanks to the generous hotwaterandmilk. Thank you so much!
Also added some new information about the new side story from the newest issue of Cookie, and a short essay comic Ikeno wrote in an issue of cooking magazine Lettuce Club.

27-01-2018: Added a few small furoku I picked up: a Heroine ni naritai furoku (my first!) and a Ririka furoku in other furoku, and one Aira furoku.