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Zen'in presents

"Zen'in presents" or "zen'in service", often abbreviated to "zen-pure" and "zen-sa" respectively, are items which shōjo manga magazines mailed out to their readers in exchange of postage and coupons cut out from the magazines. Often zen'in presents would require coupons from several issues of a magazine, and the intention was both to encourage readers to buy their own copies of the magazine rather than borrowing from a friend, and encourage them to continue to purchase the magazine for more than a single issue. Since zen'in presents weren't constricted by Japan Railways the way furoku was, they would often be made of fabric, metal, and plastic, being more extravagant than the typical paper furoku. From the late 80s and onwards, you would also often see zen'in present "telephone cards", which were pre-paid cards for Japanese public telephones and a popular collector's item.

During the serialization of the Ranze and Narumi arcs, zen'in presents were typically one item or one set of items from one particular series, with a design created specifically for the items. When an issue of Ribon had a zen'in present giveaway there was typically only one item for readers to choose, meaning all the Ranze and Narumi zen'in presents on this page are special, original items that you cannot find with art from any other series. By the time of the Aira arc, following Ribon's rising popularity and circulation, zen'in presents evolved to offer a choice among several items from several popular series, although all the items were now color variations on the same basic design rather than individual original items. For example, the Aira "oshare set" from May 1993 was offered with art from Marmalade Boy (purple/yellow), Hime-chan no ribbon (red), Tenshi nanka ja nai (green), and Anata to scandal (pink) as well as Tokimeki (blue), and readers would pick the items from their favorite series. During this time, Ribon's circulation was so large that the production of the zen'in items often couldn't keep up with the demand, and many readers waited several months to receive their items.

On this page I've collected Tokimeki zen'in presents from all three arcs. Many of them, particularly those from the Ranze arc, are quite rare! For a complete list of Tokimeki zen'in presents, please check the furoku list. You can also see some more photos in the Romantic Album.

Ranze "Obento-bako pouch" (June - July 1984)

Fabric bag with a large zippered opening at the top and strings attached to carry your lunch box in.

Obento-bako pouch

Ranze "Charming mirror & comb" (Sept - Oct 1984)

Set of a mirror and comb, and a plastic sleeve to keep them in.

Ranze zen'in present mirror and comb Ranze zen'in present mirror and comb
Ranze zen'in present mirror and comb Ranze zen'in present mirror and comb Ranze zen'in present mirror and comb

Ranze "Tokimeki purse" (April - May 1985)

Fabric wallet with pockets inside and zipper closure.

Tokimeki purse Tokimeki purse Tokimeki purse

Ranze "Letter pouch" (Sept - Oct 1985)

Fabric pouch with a handle and snap button closure.

Letter pouch Letter pouch

Ranze "Tokimeki ruler & pakkun keshigomu" (Feb - Mar 1986)

Set of a ruler and eraser. A reprint of the ruler can currently be purchased as a pen case; see details in merchandise  →

Ranze "Odekake pouch" (October 1986)

Fabric pouch with a handle and zipper closure. See images of reprint in anime info  →

Ranze "Love love ruck bag + ai no yubiwa" (Feb - Mar 1987)

Set of a backpack and a replica of a ring featured in the Ranze art (latter not pictured).

Zen'in present bag Zen'in present bag

Narumi "Tokimeki party bag & pouch" (Sept - Oct 1988)

Set of a fabric bag with a handle and a small pouch with a zipper closure.

Narumi zen'in party bag Narumi zen'in party bag Narumi zen'in party bag

Narumi "Tokimeki kuishinbō purse & tsuki no namida no pendant" (June 1989)

Set of a plastic wallet with pockets inside and snap button closure, and a replica of a pendant featured in the Narumi arc.

Narumi wallet Narumi wallet Narumi wallet

NEW! Narumi Ribon 35th anniversary telephone card (Feb - Mar 1990)

Pre-paid cards for public telephones. Two designs were available.

Narumi phone card Narumi phone card

Aira "Stationery goods" (Sept - Oct 1991)

Set of plastic pen case, ruler, three pencils, eraser, magnet, and key holder.

Stationary set Stationary set

NEW! Aira "All-star telephone card" (Feb - Mar 1992)

Pre-paids card for public telephones. Three designs were available.

Aira telephone card Aira telephone card Aira telephone card

Aira "Oshare set" (May 1993)

Set of small fabric bag, hankerchief, comb, and ring.

Oshare set Oshare set

NEW! Ririka "Ribon all-star telephone card" (Feb - Mar 1995)

Pre-paid card for public telephones.

Ririka phone card